Why YH1?

How is YH1 Probiotic different? Aren't all probiotics the same?

Microorganisms exist in basically two tranches:

1. Vegetative microorganisms: These microbes, when used as a probiotic are VERY sensitive to light, acid, bases, becoming too dry, high heat, and very cold temperatures. That is why bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, and others require refrigeration in order to survive. While these types of products contain high Colony Forming Units (CFUs), the majority of the microorganisms get destroyed by the harsh conditions of the GI tract. Most probiotics you find in stores fit in this category.

2. Spore formers: Spore forming microbes shift between vegetative or spore state depending on the conditions it encounters in the environment. When conditions are harsh, it will transform into a spore and wait for favorable conditions to return.

Our strain has a unique ability to form a spore (a hardened protein coat) when it is grown in nutrient deficient conditions. In its spore form, our strain is alive and very well protected from harsh environmental conditions like temperature, pH, humidity, and desiccation (excessive drying). When you use our probiotics, the spore enters in the harsh conditions of the human GI tract where it is exposed to low pH. When it passes through the stomach, it enters into the small intestine where conditions are more suitable for its growth. In the small intestine, the spore quickly changes into a vegetable cell, constantly growing and dividing to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria.

The vast majority of probiotic products on the market are not spore-forming bacteria. Our product is truly unique in that it is a patented spore forming bacteria combined electrolyte solution, formulated to aid the athlete during training and competition!

Does strain matter, and are more strains better?

Strains do matter, as different strains affect the body differently. Our super strain of probiotic + electrolytes aids the body during intense physical activity to help reduce the effects of heat stress.* In addition to helping reduce the effects and symptoms of heat stress, our super-strain also aids in digestion, increasing the absorption of amino acids* and protein,* making YH1 an essential addition to your pre/post workout recovery drink.

How do I take YH1 Probiotic?

On days when you will be exposed to heat or intense training, take one serving, (two capsules) prior to training. On non-training days, take one serving (two capsules) in the morning.

What are YH1 Probiotic's capsules made of?

Our product is made with vegetable cellulose capsules and all of the ingredients are gluten free, veganfriendly, and Paleo approved! Our probiotic supplements for leaky gut are manufactured in the United States of America at a first-class Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) facility.

What about refrigeration?

Our product does not require refrigeration because our probiotic cultures are in the spore form (a hardened protein coat). The spore gives our beneficial bacteria the unique ability to survive the harsh conditions of the human GI tract. When the conditions become more favorable for the bacteria to survive and thrive, the spores quickly change into a vegetable cell. As it grows and divides, it releases enzymes and proteins, which serve to promote the growth of "good bacteria" in your gut and displace/repel the "bad bacteria."

I'm currently using a probiotic, why would I switch to YH1 Probiotic?

The YH1 Probiotic is unlike anything on the market today. We created a formula that combines our proprietary super-strain probiotic with a perfect blend of electrolytes. Our probiotic was formulated for athletes; however the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone!

I get my probiotics from food. Is that enough?

No, our super strain is found naturally in soil. Probiotic cultures are found in different sources and each source contains a different strain. With the YH1 Probiotic, you’re getting one of the best probiotic supplements available with a strain that differs from other commercially available probiotics.

Are there any side effects associated with YH1 Probiotic?

There are no known side effects associated with our product.

Is YH1 Probiotic free of banned substances?

YH1 Probiotic is completely free of banned substances.


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